Creative Eye/Face Wash and shower operate simultaneously by walk on plat form.

Technical Specifications:
1   Creative Shower Heads :Injection moulded ABS.
2 Creative Eye Wash Atomiser Unit: Moulded ABS with (brass and rubber)     automatic flow Compensators.
3   Pipe & Pipe fittings: Galvanized 'C' class heavy duty ISI marked.
4   Flush Cock: 1 ¼”
5   Body of valve: Gun metal
6   Foot operated Platform : MS
7   Flange: MS.
8  Spring loaded valve design: keeps the users hands free to hold eyes open in      case of chemical splash.
9 Recommended Water pressure: 28 LPM for Eye Wash. 110 LPM for      Combination and Shower.
10  Recommended water pressure : 2kg/cm2.