Technical Specifications:
1. Creative Shower Heads: Material of construction :Injection moulded ABS.
2. Creative Eye Wash Basin: Injection moulded ABS.
3. Creative Eye Wash Atomiser Unit: Moulded ABS with (brass and rubber)     automatic flow Compensators.
4. Pipe & Pipe fittings: Galvanized 'C' class heavy duty ISI marked.
5. Ball valve: ½ inch and 1 inch.
6. Body of valve: SS.
7. Ball: SS.
8. Foot pedal & Push plate: Aluminium casting.
9. Flange: MS.
10.Stay open valve design: keeps the users hands free to hold eyes open in case      of chemical splash.
11.Recommended Water pressure: 28 LPM for Eye Wash. 110 LPM for     Combination and Shower.
12.Recommended water pressure : 2kg/cm2.

The Advantages are:
● High visibility yellow colour of the Receptor Bowl and Shower Head enables easy    identification by workers in distress.
● Receptor Bowl Shower Head and Automiser Unit manufactured out of injection    moulded ABS which is non corrosive in nature.
● ½" Stainless Steel full port stay open Ball Valve ensures that the injured persons    hands are free to keep his eyelids open to wash his eyelids in distress.
● Built in automatic flow compensators in the Automiser Units ensures soft feather    flow water supply to the ocular are cleaning the eyes gently.
● Unique design of the Shower Head ensures complete drenching of the injured    person.
● Pop of Covers provided with the Automiser Unit guards it against airborne    contaminants.

Usage area:
Chemicals, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Refineries and all other industries.