CE-2004A / Face sheild

Creative Face shield with easy to attach accessories enabling it to snap on & off a helmet in matter of seconds

The same can be attached to a helmet due to its unique construction which enables the peak of any helmet to slide in the slot provided enabling the attachment to fit snuggly on the helmet. It has a spring band covered with PVC tubing which is stretched and holds the attachment to the helmet at the back firmly.
Manufactured out of tough engineering plastic.
Polycarbonate visor of size 8” x 15 ½ ” x 1mm thickness can be locked on the attachment with four easy to lock knobs which can be turned to 180° enabling the visor to remain in place.
The face shield can be turned over the helmet and remains in the same position due to the unique locking arrangement. Can be brought back to its original position in a matter of seconds. Added advantage it is gives a wider vision to the wearer.

The advantages are:

● Face shield to combine comfort, protection and low cost.
● Unique and attractive appearance.

Usage Area:
Used where both face and head protection is required.
Meets international standards