Blowers CE-1057


The Creative Fresh Air Hose Apparatus consists of a full vision panorama nova face mask with corrugated tube connected to a manifold mounted on to a harness belt. The manifold is connected to a 15 meters /18meters long 20mm ID canvas covered wire embedded rubber hose. The other end is connected to the hand / electrically operated blower. The Blower is a portable unit mounted on a steel frame and house in a steel carrying box. It is provided with two outlets so that two persons simultaneously are provided with a fresh air supply @50LPM. Single faze motor used is flame proof and confirms to groups 2A & 2B. The blower can be used instantaneously in the manual mode in case of power failure. A Nylon / Manila rope can be spliced on to the belt for signaling between the wearer and the operator of the blower. A wire embedded hemp covered lifeline to haul out the wearer falling into a confined space is also available.

Creative Electrical /Hand operated Blower is for supply of fresh air and hence should always be located in a clean and pollution free environment. Recommended hose length for the fresh air hose apparatus is not more than 30meters.
There is always a positive pressure in the hose system.
This apparatus is recommended for prolong straineous work such as cleaning works in tanks and other closed containers.

a) -Portable unit, mounted on wheels conforming to IS:10245 (Part III): 1982
b) -Blower: To ensure fresh air supply at 50 to 60LPM at each face piece.
c) -Tapping points: 2nos.suitable for use by 2 persons simultaneously.
d) i)Hose: Lengths of 15mx20mm ID canvas covered wire embedded rubber hose with     necessary.
e) couplings.
    ii) Signaling rope: Lengths of 15m for transmitting signals.
    iii)1 Face masks: Panorama Nova Face piece with double scaling frame , speech     diaphragm, self.
       2. -demisting inner mask with corrugated tube connected to manifold mounted on a      harness belt at the.
       3. waist.
1. Flame proof electrical motor : Single phase 0.25H.P;approved by CMRI.
    The electrical / hand operated blower is designed to deliver an adequate amount of air     to the wearer and permit the free entrance of air to the hose when the blower is not     operating.

1. The entire equipment is visibly inspected in routine before and after each use. Any     equipment that is not used in routine but is kept ready for emergency use should be     inspected after each use and at least once a month to ensure that it is in satisfactory     working condition.

2. To ensure proper protection , the face piece fit shall be checked by the wearer each     time he puts on the respirator. The following two simple field tests may be carried out.
a. Close the open end of the corrugated tube and breathe in. If the mask is pulled     towards the face, then the mask is leak proof.
    Close the exhalation valve and exhale gently into the face piece. The face fit is     considered satisfactory if a slight positive pressure can be built up inside the face     piece without any evidence of outward leakage of the air at the seal. This method of     leak testing requires that the wearer first removes the exhalation valve cover and     then carefully replaces it after the test.

Chemical Industry, Petro-Chemical Industry, Oil Refinery, Engineering Industry, Pain Industry, Shipyards, Furnaces.