Filtration system CE-1029


Air Filteration System

a) Pre Filter:- Having 1 Micron San Ally Element suitable for maximum operating pressure at 10 KG /CM2 having polycarbonate Bowl and manual drain suitable for a flow of 20 Liters / second at 7KG /CM2 operating pressure.; Size:1/4”BSP (P).

1. Final Filter:- Dual Stage Filter having the following specifications:
a. Stage 1. Suitable to remove particles daunt to 0.01 microns and maximum remaining oil content of 0.01 mg/m3 , having borosilicate glass microtibve element suitable fro maximum operating pressure at 10 KG / CM2 and flow rate of 20 liters / second at 7KG /CM2 operating pressure , size:1/2” BSP(F) Filter.

a. Stage 2. having activated Carbon Filter Element suitable for removal of hydrocarbon vapours odovs normally associated with Compressed Air Systems, maximum remaining oil content of 0.003 mg/m3 suitable for a flow of 20 Liters / second at 7 KG /cm2.

Operating Pressure : Maximum operating temperature 500 C.
1. Regulator: Suitable to regulate pressure from 0 – 9KG /cm2 and maximum inlet     pressure of 10 KG / cm2 diaphragm type with pressure gauge : Size: ¼” BSP (F)
1. Pressure Gauge: Pressure Gauge , Size: ¼”BSP(F),0-10 KG.
1. Needle Valve:-
• Size : ¼” BSP(F).
• Body : Bar Stock.
• Seal : High Nitrile 3307 / viton optional.
• Adj . Knob : Aluminium apoxy powder coated.

1. Manifold: Brass ¼” BSP(F), Bar Stock body.
1. Quick Release Coupling:- SS ¼” BSP.
1. Black Hose: Black colour non kink PVC Hose Nylon reinforced 1/4” ID.
1. Mini Regulator Creative Air Flow regulator.

Material of Construction:
1. Body: Aluminium casting.
2. Hose connector: Brass.
3. Regular knob: Brass.

Technical Specifications:
1.  Working Pressure: 4 to 8kg/cm2 (60 to 120 PSI).
2. Airflow adjustable upto 150LPM.
3. Minimum air supply of 40-60LPM at 4kg/cm2 constant air supply through 3/8”/ ¼”     hose.
4. Compressed airline hose: Crush proof and non-kinking.
    Connecting couplings: Quick connects couplings with auto stop valve

Chemical Industry, Petro-Chemical Industry, Oil Refinery.