High Temperature Suit CE- 1020

Creative High Temperature Suit.

Technical Specification:
The Suit is Normex make (imported material) Weight of the fabric is 6 oz. The material weaving is plain Heat resistant is 500 degrees F. Trials have been carried out and is found to be resistant for five minutes. Thermal shrinkage resistance: 500 degrees F and is resistant for five minutes < 2.0% Tensile Strength ASTM 1682 (lbs): 240 x 150 Tearing Strength ASTM 1424 (lbs): 12 x 8 Dimensional Stability AATCC 135, 3-IV - after five launderings: <2.0%
This is a Totally Tailor-Made Suit, which can be designed as per customer’s requirements.

The advantages are:
Free fitting design enables the worker to work comfortably.

Usage Area:
In areas where temperature exceeds 1500 C.